YCon Hospitality is well positioned to quickly establish and improve revenues. Its sales professionals hold many years of smart hospitality expertise. Through strong B2B relationships held worldwide, existing travel trade business and balanced with B2C direct customer distribution will be quickly maximised.

New revenue channels will be generated from emerging markets and industry

New revenue channels direct and indirect will be generated from emerging markets and industry segments to effectively rebalance the hospitality asset market mix.

YCon Hospitality has excellent relationships with the luxury travel trade across the globe, in particular Leisure Tour Operators, OTA’s, Business Travel Operators, Travel Designers and Concierges.

Hospitality distribution strategy is a very important action plan for selling accommodation and the basket of another cash centers profitably through a variety of channels. A mix of direct channels, such as a hotel’s website, travel designers, concierges, influencers and indirect channels such as leisure Tour Operators, Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Business Travel Operators, Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and wholesalers are typically used. The goal is to increase visibility with consumers to drive occupancy, target the right segment of travelers to ensure positive reviews and maximize gross operating profit per available room (GOPPAR) to ensure financial health.


It is important to build a sales culture that understands the needs and the desires of the target audiences. The sales strategy is driven by data analysis identifying key markets, geographical reach and distribution opportunities. Assistance in building an efficient sales team and motivational sales training to drive measurable results.


Consumers today are spoilt for choice. They are knowledgeable, well-travelled and discerning, making it critical that marketing speaks their language.

A marketing audit will be undertaken by Ycon Hospitality and Consulting
The articulation of the brand will be expressed in all areas of marketing; Visual, Tone of Voice, Online, Offline, Advertising and Communications. Campaigns are created that are entirely relevant and measurable with an accurate analysis of the customers and their buying motivations. A digital campaign will be developed that aligns with the consumer’s interests.


Independent hotels or small chains can outsource their revenue function to our Revenue Centre built to support driving rates, visibility and increasing online traffic. If you are facing a challenging time placing staff on site, just reach out and our team will support you instantly and from anywhere.

Ycon Hospitality Associated Brand of QuattroadvisoryLda NIF PT516149407 Portugal

With representation offices at Spain, Italy, Dubai

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